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Learning to love yourself is the first step to better health. Because self love means giving your body the care, attention and nourishment it needs.
Potion Mission and Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Potion is your trusted guide to Ayurveda and holistic medicine bringing powerful, time-tested natural remedies to your medicine cabinet. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western, ancient and modern, natural and pharmaceutical medicine by bringing credibility to Ayurvedic treatment modalities that have the potential to heal. When it comes to your health, we believe that every option with proven results should be on the healing menu.

Potion stands for Good for you, Good for planet, health is beautiful and accessible, Fewer and better products, honoring ancient heritage and practices. Potion, Good Health, Immunity, Boost, Supplements, Wisdom, India, Ancient, Ayurveda, Healing, herbs

Good for you, good for the planet.

Our ingredients are vegan, sustainably sourced and made from organic whole plants. Our intricate and delicate process ensures that each whole botanical is nurtured uniquely to ensure phytonutrients, co-factors, nutrients and plant potency stays intact.


Health is beautiful and accessible.

We believe in creating a beautiful experience that makes you fall in love with taking care of yourself. Potion is earthy, flavorful, powerful and delicious.


Fewer, better products.

You don’t need an army of bottles by your bedside. We focus helping you build a healthy foundation with a strong, supportive immune system.


Honoring ancient heritage and practices

We craft each Potion not just with attention to high quality ingredients but with a high vibrational process, infusing love, prana (life-giving force) and healing mantras during the production process.

Cheers to brewing good health!
Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Cimeran

Going from training to be a doctor to then fighting for my life as a cancer patient taught me the importance of loving myself and choosing health. Potion was born out of my quest to heal when I was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer at the age of 28 during my medical training. After traditional cancer treatments left me feeling hopeless, I became determined to find a way to build back my health, my immunity, and my spirit.

Marrying my decade plus of research and medical experience, my passion for holistic health and my childhood in India growing up around Ayurvedic medicine, I crafted the first Immunity Potion for me. It was the ultimate expression of love to myself.

Now as you take your Potion, my hope is that feel this act of love to yourself as well.

One hero, in sickness & health
Immunity Potion

A potent bouquet of 12 Ayurvedic and science-backed healing herbs combined to give your body the care it needs.

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