What's Up With Copper Cups?

What's Up With Copper Cups?

Did you know that the benefits of copper cups go beyond just practical and aesthetic purposes?

A beautiful copper cup is the perfect way to make any drink aesthetically pleasing while keeping it at the desired temperature, and it also provides a multitude of health benefits. Even better, you can enjoy these health benefits while nourishing your body with a daily dose of Immunity Potion in your morning copper cup drink.

In Ayurveda, drinking water out of a copper cup is said to help balance the three doshas in your body [energy constitution]. But how do these benefits physically manifest in your body?

Ayurvedic Copper Cup Benefits

Copper Cups… Are Antibacterial

Copper helps to kill bacteria that come into contact with its surface. For example, one study found that when drinking water was contaminated with bacteria and stored in a copper cup for 16 hours, no bacteria remained [1]. Thus, copper is antimicrobial and can help reduce any bacteria that might be found in your drink if you store it overnight prior to drinking it. Leaving it overnight allows a small amount of copper to dissolve in the drink, giving it the ability to destroy bacteria. This is known as the oligodynamic effect, referring to the ability of certain metal to exert harm on bacteria. Although the mechanism of action behind this is not well understood, it’s thought that the copper ions damage the membrane of the bacteria.

Copper Cups… Help Regulate Thyroid Function

Copper is important for thyroid metabolism because it helps with the production of certain thyroid hormones and also indirectly prevents the over-absorption of these hormones in your blood cells [2]. A healthy thyroid is important for regulating your body’s internal heat and metabolic functions. Using a copper cup helps provide your body with the amount of copper it needs to promote healthy thyroid function.

Copper Cups… Promote Heart Health

Copper is important for preventing plaque buildup in your arteries [3]. The more plaque buildup that you have, the higher risk that you are of having a heart attack. Copper also helps dilate your blood vessels, which improves your blood flow.

Stay Safe!

Because copper is a metal, it’s important to use it carefully to minimize any health risks. When using copper cups, you should take care not to drink too much out of the cup. It's recommended that you don't drink water out of the cup more than 3 or 4 times a day. Additionally, you should monitor your cup for tarnishes or oxidation caused by a natural reaction between the copper and the air. You can clean the cup by scrubbing it with a lemon that has been dipped in salt and then rinsing the cup. You can also scrub the cup with a paste that is 3 parts baking soda and 1 part vinegar. Always make sure that you dry the cup well with a soft towel, because dampness can result in further oxidation of the copper.

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