Do I Have Time to Cook? Debunking 3 Myths

Do I Have Time to Cook? Debunking 3 Myths
We are part of a fast paced hustle culture - our days are often filled with meetings, deadlines, errands, and a constant battle against the clock. At the end of the day, cooking is probably the last thing on your mind.
But what if there were ways to beat the clock and embrace nourishment without sacrificing hours of precious time? And what if the payoff for a little extra planning exponentially outweighs the convenience of prepackaged or fast food options? Let’s debunk 3 myths that are all too easy for people to believe and uncover facts that will help you get a head start into a healthier lifestyle.

Myth 1: Healthy Cooking Takes Too Long 

One of the most common lies people tell themselves is that preparing nutritious meals requires more time than they have or want to spend. While a few recipes do require in-depth time in the kitchen, there are endless strategies you can adopt for fast, easy, healthy meals.

Fact 1: Simplicity is Key: Healthy cooking doesn't have to involve complicated recipes with a long list of ingredients. Focus instead on dishes that require minimal prep and cooking time. Stir-fries, salads, and sheet pan meals can be prepared in under 30 minutes while incorporating a variety of nutrients. 

Here are some ideas for how to make nutritious meals when time is scarce:

  • Batch Cooking: Prepare large batches of grains, proteins, and vegetables over the weekend. Portion them out and refrigerate or freeze for easy, quick meals during the week.
  • Freezer-Friendly Meals: Cook large batches of healthy dishes and freeze individual portions. This way, you'll always have a nutritious meal ready to go, even on your busiest days.
  • One-Pot Meals: Embrace the simplicity of one-pot meals like stir-fries, soups, and casseroles. These dishes minimize prep and cleanup time. Try our One-Pot Khichari recipe for an Ayurvedic detox boost!
  • Sheet Pan Meals: Roast a variety of vegetables and lean proteins on a single sheet pan. Season them with herbs and spices for added flavor. This method minimizes preparation and cleanup time.
  • Stir-Fries: Stir-frying is a fast and healthy cooking method. Prepare your ingredients in advance and cook them quickly in a hot pan with a small amount of oil. Use lean proteins like chicken, tofu, or shrimp, and load up on colorful vegetables.
  • Slow Cooker and Instant Pot: These kitchen appliances are a busy individual's best friends. Toss in ingredients in the morning and return home to a delicious, home-cooked meal. You can even freeze ingredients in a gallon bag ahead of time, thaw the night before, and pop in a slow cooker in the morning when you know you’ll have a busy day!

Fact 2: Alternative Options: While not feasible or affordable for everyone, you can save time and have healthy meals by hiring a home cook or using a chef community rotation. Or consider using a healthy meal delivery service where they cook the food the same day with healthy ingredients.

Myth 2: Unhealthy Fast Food is Easier

The idea that unhealthy fast food is the quickest option is actually a misleading notion. While sometimes it is a quick in-and-out, have you ever found yourself spending half of your lunch hour in line at the drive-through, only to get an overly processed meal that does little to sustain you through the rest of the day?

Not to mention that this kind of food is a leader in chronic diseases, obesity, and filling people with toxins [1]. With only a bit of planning and smart choices, you can start cutting fast food from your lifestyle - and your body will thank you!

Fact 3: Healthy Grab-and-Go: Prepare healthy snacks and portable meals in advance. Greek yogurt with granola, pre-cut vegetables with hummus, or whole-grain wraps can be nutritious alternatives to fast food when you're on the move.

Fact 4: Smart Restaurant Choices: When eating out or ordering in, opt for healthier menu items such as salads, grilled proteins, and vegetable-based dishes. Many restaurants now offer healthier alternatives to traditional fast food options.

Myth 3: The Payoff Isn’t Worth the Time

"Work eats up all my time… My family needs me outside the kitchen… I have too many other commitments…" The list of reasons to not make your own food goes on and on, and believe me, we’ve been there too!

While it might be tempting to believe that making your own wholesome food doesn't yield enough benefits to make it worth the time, the reality is exactly the opposite. A little extra planning saves you a lot of time, and a few extra minutes spent on healthier options holds numerous payoffs for yours and your family’s well-being.

Fact 5: Increased Energy: Nutrient-dense foods provide sustained energy levels throughout the day, improving your productivity and focus. Say goodbye to the energy crashes caused by sugary and processed foods and hello to a new, energized you!

Fact 6: Improved Mood: A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to better mental health [2]. Consuming nutrient-rich foods can help reduce the risk of mood disorders and enhance your overall emotional well-being.

Fact 7: Long-Term Health: Making healthier food choices can contribute to a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity [3]. Investing in your health now can lead to fewer medical complications down the road.

Fact 8: Better Family Care: If you have a family to think about, providing them with healthier foods will benefit them in all these ways as well! Kids who eat healthy have been shown to have better development, stronger immunity, and better attention spans at school and home [4]. Plus, home cooked meals tend to foster better connections amongst family members!

Fact 9: Long-Term Cost Savings: While healthier ingredients may sometimes seem pricier, the long-term savings on medical bills, medications, and potential health interventions far outweigh any initial cost difference. Check out our recent article that explains how to shop on a budget!


When time seems to regularly slip through our fingers, the notion of healthy eating often takes a backseat to convenience. But as it turns out, making your own food is not such an impossible task after all! Try introducing one or two homemade meals to your weekly routine at a time until you feel confident in your ability to nourish your body.

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